10 Common Questions About Balayage People Ask

10 Common Questions About Balayage People Ask

Out of all of the hair dyeing techniques, balayage hair highlights is the most popular one that women tend to opt for. Here are some very common yet crucial questions that people have about this hair-streaking technique.

What Makes Balayage Different?

Balayage is a very interesting technique of dyeing the hair and making highlights peek out at the same time. It involves streaking the hair by hand, in random strokes and the result is very unique.

The best thing about balayage is that it is very soft and subtle as compared to those straight, prominent, and chunky foil highlights. It is so much smoother and the technique has a tendency to blur out the streaks beautifully throughout the mane and when the light hits just right, the balayage looks like a work of art.

How Much Does Balayage Cost?

A balayage can vary in cost. Usually, salons charge differently for different services, but a balayage can cost you anywhere between $100 to $500, depending on where you get it done from, what your hair length is, how many applications are required, whether the balayage color was difficult to show on your hair and the overall service charges of the salon. A balayage is not a one-size-fits-all kind of a deal.

Every person’s hair is different and there are different approaches by which the perfect balayage is done on specific hair, so the price may vary highly in that case. However, it doesn’t usually fall out of the above-mentioned price bracket. Some might also argue that a Balayage can be done at home and that it is super easy, however, it won’t be the case for beginners who haven’t even dyed their roots at home before. This is why you should go to a salon to get your balayage done.

How To Maintain A Balayage?

This is also a very common question that women ask, after getting a balayage done. The maintenance of a balayage isn’t hard per se, as long as you stick to a good hair care routine and don’t damage your hair any further.

You want to go for products that are meant for color-treated hair because they have ingredients in them that make the color more vibrant and potent. You also want to avoid too much sunlight and chlorine exposure, because these things can make the balayage fade away and you don’t want that.

How Long Does A Balayage Take?

The most fitting answer to this question is that it depends. A balayage isn’t a general hair dyeing technique for all hair types. Everyone has unique hair colors and their balayage preferences are also quite different, so the stylist needs to cater to their needs.

Usually, it takes anywhere between one to three hours for a balayage to be completed, depending on the hair length and the balayage color you’re going for. Some women might need to get their hair bleached for the balayage to shine through, while some won’t, so the timing will vary from person to person and mane to mane.

Can I Get Balayage Done On Dyed Hair?

Of course, you can! Balayage is very forgiving when it comes to application. You can either get it done on virgin hair that’s never been chemically treated before, or on hair that’s been dyed over and over again.

There’s no restriction when it comes to balayage, so don’t be afraid if you have dyed hair. You can get a balayage done on already colored hair and the results will be to die for. Dyed hair women have an advantage over women who have virgin hair because the color payoff will be worlds apart.

Is Balayage Only For Long-Haired Women?

Not true. Balayage has come a long way and now even short-haired girls can rock it with the same finesse. Balayage, although originally, was introduced for women with long and luscious manes, but now things have come a long way. There is a certain trick that hair stylists employ when doing balayage on women with pixie cuts and bobs, but the results are just as great and it adds a wonderful textural dimension to the flat and seemingly boring hair.

So, if you’re rocking shoulder-length hair, then you can certainly get a balayage done because it will look amazing. Just go to a salon that specializes in short hair balayage and you’ll be good to go.

Can Balayage Cover Grey Hair?

While balayage may or may not completely cover up those pesky gray roots, there is still a high chance that it can, depending on the color you go for.

The placement of balayage is usually under the roots, on the length of the hair, so there is not a complete guarantee that your gray roots will be covered, but it’s very easy to get a root touch-up before the balayage, so if that’s what you’re concerned about, then you can go ahead. Balayage isn’t necessarily a technique that covers gray hair completely.

But if you visit hair salons specializing in color Rockville and ask covering gray hair, they will you suggest you satisfying options.

How Long Does A Balayage Last?

A great thing about balayage is that it can last a long time without requiring touch-ups. Because of its already messy and tousled look with the mixing of streaks and color, the style is very subtle and random, so there’s no need to touch it up constantly. You can get away with not even touching up your balayage for four months or so, depending on the rate at which your hair grows.

It’s a very maintenance-free hair coloring technique and it can go on for as long as you want. Some balayage colors look even better as time passes, so it’s a great thing.

Is Balayage Damaging?

Balayage may or may not use bleach, but there are still chemical dyes being applied to the hair, so obviously it’s going to be a bit damaging to the hair.

If you add to that the application of bleach, then your hair will feel a bit dry and brittle, because bleach isn’t the greatest thing to apply on the hair, in the first place. However, the damage is completely reversible and if you take care of your hair, moisturize, and nourish it, then you will bring your mane back to life.

Can I Get Balayage On Any Hair Color?

Yes! That’s one of the best things about balayage. No matter if you have black, brown, blonde, or a unique hair color, you can get balayage done on your hair and it will look out of this world.

Balayage is very versatile when it comes to colors and besides the classic options, you can also go for bold and trendy colors and make a statement. Balayage also tends to tone down any bold color, so no matter what color you go for, it will be super wearable and won’t look dramatic at all.


Balayage is a wonderful way to jazz up your hair without making anything look too obvious or dramatic. So, now that all of the questions have been answered, when are you getting your hair done? If you have more questions, you can ask a balayage hair salon Rockville.

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