Cosmetics Allergy: What Are Its Triggers And Treatments?

Cosmetics Allergy: What Are Its Triggers And Treatments?

Cosmetics are the most widely manufactured and used items in the world. They’re used by men and women all over the world. However, there can be certain ingredients that might cause allergic reactions. Some can be severe for which you may need to see an allergy specialist. Here is everything you need to know about cosmetic allergies.

Cosmetics Allergy

Cosmetics are used all over the world. They’re essentially substances applied directly on the skin or topically for changing the color, adding fragrance, and leading to different effects.

Cosmetics are used widely in almost every way, and the industry is booming, by releasing different makeup products, perfumes, nail enamels, skincare products, hair products, and even body makeup products that are popular among people. However, something this popular can have a few downsides, and unfortunately, cosmetics can lead to allergic reactions in a lot of people.

There are many ingredients, substances, and chemicals used in cosmetics that just don’t sit well with certain people and they can experience flare-ups, reactions, and even contact dermatitis when applied to the skin.

Reactions can either be the result of the application of the product on the skin, causing the skin to violently flare up, or it can also be because of an external reaction of the product with something else, like sunlight, mixing different chemicals, and so on.

Cosmetics allergy has been an alarming issue for a lot of people and it has brought attention to the forefront to be mindful of what is in these products and whether you could be allergic to any of the ingredients or not.

Triggers In Cosmetics That Can Cause Allergies

Cosmetics contain a lot of products, chemicals, and even natural ingredients that some people can get allergic reactions from. It’s really important to figure out what causes severe allergic reactions on the skin, whenever any cosmetic product is applied to the body.

The regulation authority, FDA, has listed the following ingredients as being possible triggers that can cause allergic reactions on the face:

  • Natural rubber
  • Latex
  • Fragrance
  • Parabens
  • Preservatives
  • Pigments
  • Chemical dyes
  • Metals like nickel and gold
  • Toxic substances that aren’t biodegradable
  • Alcohol and other irritants

You might have heard that people are sensitive to certain products because there is fragrance, a certain ingredient that causes their skin to break out, any color or dye that reacts with the skin, and so on. These things are typically the agents that trigger or cause an allergic reaction to aggravate.

This is why it’s recommended that whenever you want to try out a new cosmetic product, then always do a patch test first on the back of your hand and see if there is any reaction. If there’s not then it’s safe for use. However, if you see red bumps starting to form, experience itchiness, and have an overall uncomfortable feeling when the product is applied to the hand, then it may cause a severe allergic reaction on the face as well.

With all of this information, you may be worried. Don’t be. Because there is a way to deflect this seemingly horrific situation. If you feel like your skin is sensitive to certain things and you can’t try out new products, then it’s best if you get tested for different cosmetic allergies and triggers by visiting an allergy center Manassas. This will give you a guide as to which substances you can safely use on your skin and body and which ones you need to keep a safe distance from.

Also, when you get the results for your allergies, try to find products that don’t contain said allergens. For instance, if you’re sensitive to fragrance or alcohol, then try finding products that are “fragrance-free” or “alcohol-free”. It’s usually written on the label of the product, so you don’t need to look too hard for products that will suit your skin and won’t cause a severe reaction or rash on the face and body.

Causes Of Cosmetics Allergy

The cause of cosmetic allergy is essentially the triggers mentioned above. Usually, people have compromised immune systems and these substances can aggravate the effects.

When a certain cosmetic product is applied on the skin that contains a trigger, the body will immediately react and you will see redness, itchiness, and bumps starting to surface. Even though this is a reaction, it’s also your body’s defense mechanism kicking in, because it wants to fight the foreign invasion off and expel the trigger from the body.

However, the weak immune system is unable to do so and it takes a lot of time for the redness and dermatitis to settle down.

Symptoms Of Cosmetics Allergy

Here are some symptoms of cosmetic allergy:

  • Your skin will turn red and if you touch it, it might be tender, hot, and irritated.
  • The area where you applied the cosmetic product, whether it’s a cream, foundation, or even perfume, will itch a lot and you’ll have the urge to itch until your skin bleeds.
  • Your skin might get dry and flaky and it will be very uncomfortable.
  • Oftentimes, your face can also swell up. This happens if the trigger has been sitting on your skin for too long and it’s causing the area to become tender.
  • Your nose might feel runny, all of a sudden. There might be irritants in the cosmetic products that have found their way into your nose.
  • Similarly, your eyes might start to water and get irritated as well. This happens when you apply eye makeup that has triggers in it.
  • You might feel out of breath and your chest will feel constricted and tight.
  • The worst symptom is anaphylaxis. It’s essentially the difficulty in breathing and it’s a scary situation that calls for an emergency. You could be teetering on the line of life and death, if the anaphylaxis is not dealt with immediately.

Treatment For Cosmetics Allergies

Here are some treatment options for cosmetics allergy.

  • First things first, prevention is key. If you feel like you’re constantly getting bad reactions by using certain cosmetics, then it’s time to stop using them completely. You will see, almost instantly, that your symptoms are nowhere to be seen and your skin and overall health will be much better.
  • If your skin is inflamed, then you might want to keep antihistamines on hand because these little tablets of wonder can save your day.
  • If your skin is very irritated then a topical hydrocortisone cream will also alleviate the redness and itching. It needs to be prescribed by a doctor, however, and it’s not safe for use, over-the-counter.
  • Cold icing is a blissful experience for anyone who’s in the throes of a bad allergic reaction on the face. If you don’t have an ice pack, then wrap a few ice cubes in a piece of cloth.
  • Try to search for products that don’t contain allergens or triggers.
  • Make sure that you’re removing your makeup before bedtime.


Cosmetic allergy is more common than you might think and it’s really important to know what kind of things can trigger an allergic reaction. So, the next time you spritz on some perfume, be mindful of what’s in it or the next thing you will need to do is to find allergy doctor Germantown.

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