11 Cool Things To Rent For Your Wedding

11 Cool Things To Rent For Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy every single thing. Sometimes, you can rent things out from wedding tent rentals. This will be reasonable and it will also make your wedding look cool too. Here are some of them cool things to rent.

Wedding Signs

Have you seen those light-up signs that say the names of the people getting married? Or signs that say “just hitched” or have another cool play on words? Well, you can buy them and have them custom-designed for yourself, but did you know that these lights and signs can also be rented?

They will surely cost you a lot less than having them made for your wedding and there are so many options to choose from that you’ll get confused in the best way. Since wedding planning is already quite expensive, shave the costs and get these wedding signs that will sate your inner creative and quirky person and you will have a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Wedding Flags

You want to make your wedding eventful and like a festival? Then don’t forget to rent wedding flags that are available in lots of colors and designs. Wedding flags are perfect for outdoor and tented events.

Moreover, if you want to add to the fun and festival look of your wedding ceremony, then rent balloons as well. You should look for an entire balloon set-up that’s looks beautiful and then it can be taken back by the rental company.

A Unique Wedding Transport

You know you can hire a limo for arriving at the wedding venue, but if it’s too cliché for you, you can try many more unique wedding transport ideas. You can rent a fairytale horse and carriage, a traditional or romantic rickshaw, golf cart, boat, vintage car, sports car, a tandem bike, tractor, and more. There are many unique and quirky options.

Flower Wall

Another very trendy thing that you might have seen at weddings or in inspiration pictures is a larger-than-life flower wall. It’s usually propped at the entrance and people can take pictures in this beautiful backdrop.

The best part is that you don’t need to customize for your wedding. You can rent it out and even change the flowers and their arrangement on the wall. You can even make it as big or small as you want. Renting a flower wall will cost you way less and it’s up to the renting company to drop off the wall and prop it where you need it and then they can come fetch it back the day after the wedding. Simple, isn’t it? And if you like to follow trends, you can also opt for flower chandeliers.


This one is probably a no-brainer, but there are still some people who will buy tableware and linens. Don’t make that mistake when there are many rental companies which will happily rent them out for you. From plates to silverware, to napkins and tablecloths, everything is covered, so that you can enjoy your wedding day to the max.

What’s amazing is that the variety is almost endless, so you can choose from an array of designs, patterns, and colors of tablecloths and even silverware and you’ll love all of them. Just choose a good party table rental Rockland NY company and make sure to return the items timely and you’ll be good to go.

Games For Rent

No wedding is fun without a bit of activity and games. Why sit around and stare into the distance, when you have fun games to play and pass the time?

Well, garden games, like limbo, board games, and other engaging games are really fun and they can be rented. You don’t need to set up the whole game station by yourself when there are people who can do it for you. You just need to specify which games you want and the rest is up to the renting company. In this way, the games are enjoyed by everyone and you get a huge variety for a very small amount of money. It’s a win-win situation.

Wedding Lights

This one is another classic renting option, but did you know that there are so many quirky and amazing lights that you can rent out? Think of large light sculptures, lights in the shape of birds, beautiful color-changing fairy lights and the list goes on. If you were to buy these, then you would have not only spent a huge sum of money, but you would only end up using them once, maybe twice in another event and that’s it.

So, save your money and go for the option of renting these amazing lights out. You won’t regret it and these lights will be a style statement throughout the wedding.

Photo Props

Wedding photos aren’t complete without photo props. Whether it’s a wedding car, a wedding bus, or a setup on the corner of the venue, it’s all rentable. You don’t need to buy a car and decorate it by yourself when you can easily rent it out.

If you want, you can look for cool rental places that rent out vintage cars, all dressed up and pretty for a wedding. You will seriously love the pictures and the guests will remember this detail for years to come too. So, if you want to spice your photos up, then this is the best budget-friendly option.

Wedding Jewelry

This might come as a surprise to you, but yes, wedding jewelry can also be rented. This is for the brides who just don’t want to bother with getting their jewelry or are pressed for time and need amazing, sparkly jewelry stat. Well, jewelry renters are here to save the day.

You can go into a bridal jewelry shop and select some jewels that you want to flaunt on your wedding day and rent them out. This is perfect if you can’t commit to jewelry and want something you can wear and give back the next day. Talk about convenience.

Lounging Areas

You might have seen those very lux lounging areas at weddings. The very exquisitely decorated rooms, with leather couches, vintage rugs, and crystal chandeliers. You’ll be surprised to know that these lounging areas are also rented out. You don’t need to spend a heaping pile of money on these lounging areas.

A lot of the time, decorators and wedding management will ask you if you want a lounging area for the guests, and if you want to rent it out for the wedding, then you are presented with a couple of options. So, ask for lounging areas when consulting wedding rental companies and you will find some exciting options.

Dance Floor

This is probably another very vital addition to a wedding, a dance floor is also something that’s rented out. The type of dance floor you go for depends on how much you’re willing to pay for it.

If you want a basic dance floor with just the necessities then you get that and if you want a dance floor with a DJ and all of the knick-knacks, then that’s available too. Dances are the best part of any wedding, so having the option of renting out a dance floor is amazing and very convenient.


Renting props and other cool things for a wedding is very easy and it will take your wedding from nothing to everything in a matter of time. So, contact wedding party rentals Rockland NY to check out the variety.

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