Benefits of Probiotic-rich Foods

Benefits of Probiotic-rich Foods

Probiotics are consumed through fermented foods or even supplements. These live microorganisms keep your gut healthy and functioning perfectly. Find out more here

Probiotics are live bacteria that are naturally in your body. Constantly, your body has good and bad bacteria. When you have an infection, there are more bad bacteria that knock your immune system off balance. The good bacteria help fight off bad bacteria, returning their balance. The probiotics add good bacteria to your body, giving you a ton of benefits. Luckily, there are foods you can eat that contain probiotics.

You need a healthy gut for digestion and overall health because you are what you eat. In addition, a healthy gut is important for a stronger immune system. Find out more:


Kefir is like yogurt, and this dairy product is a healthy combination of milk and kefir grains that were fermented. It is being consumed for 3,000 years already. The origin of the term is Turkey and Russia which means “feeling good.” It has a tart and acidic flavor that contains 10 to 34 probiotic strains.

It is also fermented with more bacteria and years like yogurt. The final outcome has more probiotics and lower lactose.


Kombucha is a little effervescent fermented food-based drink that is made from green or black tea symbiotic bacteria culture, and yeast called scoby. This is a functional food that will only give its probiotic benefits without pasteurization. Therefore, you should buy refrigerated kombucha with low sugar.


Sauerkraut comes from fermented cabbage, as well as other probiotic vegetables. Sauerkraut does not have a diverse probiotic strain but it has a high content of organic acids that support bacterial growth. Sauerkraut is very popular in Germany, and it is a good source of vitamin C and digestive enzymes. Sauerkraut also contains lactobacillus.


This is an Asian fermented food made with scallions, cabbage, and radishes. It has a distinctive red color that comes from seasoned red pepper paste, kelp powder, or salted shrimp. Kimchi has unique strains that heal your gut and help you stay slim.


This is a powerful ingredient that originated in Eastern Europe is a common beverage there. It was first made with barley and rye, but recently, they started using beets and probiotic fruits with other root vegetables.

It uses lactobacilli probiotics and is popular for its properties that can cleanse your blood and liver.


They are another fermented food option that has become a classic favorite. However, you should know that not all pickled vegetables went through fermentation. If you want to get all of its health benefits, you want to make sure that the pickled veggie you bought or consuming is fermented. The primary sign of shelf-stable products is that they are only pickled. You should just make them on your own to be sure.

Probiotics are important to your health and you should always have it in your diet. Take note of the foods that were mentioned here.

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