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How Do I Stop My Mini Split AC From Leaking

How Do I Stop My Mini Split AC From Leaking

A leaking air handler of your mini split is a common problem with these air conditioners. It has various causes, so you should determine the cause of the leak in your ductless air conditioner to fix the problem.

The water leak could be drops of water dripping from the air handler to the floor or water drops slowly staining the wall. The causes and solutions of a leaking air conditioner are below.

Blocked Drain Line

This is the most common reason for your air conditioner leaking water. Water is formed inside the air handler of your mini-split when warm air goes through the coils of the AC. This condensate or drops of water accumulate in the drain pan of the air conditioner. From there, the drain line takes the water to the outdoor unit.

So, if there is any obstruction or blockage in the route of the condensate, there will be nowhere to go for the water accumulating during the operation of the air conditioner. As a result, the condensate will begin dripping out of the indoor air handler.

You can remove a blockage in the drain line yourself by following the below steps:

  • Switch off the power to the air conditioner.
  • Open the cover of the unit and remove the screws.
  • Take out the outer casing of the unit.
  • Find the water line at the bottom of the AC. Remove any screws.
  • Pull the drain line down and remove the tap from it.
  • Make sure you keep a bucket under the drain line and then unplug the drain line.
  • Use a vacuum to take out any blockages from the line.
  • After cleaning, tape the drain lime back and put it in its place.
  • Put the outer cover back and tighten its screw.
  • Turn on the AC.

Damaged Drain Pan

We mentioned above that condensate accumulated in the drain pan. Water can leak out of the AC if the drain pan is damaged. A drain pan is an internal component of your AC that can develop rust and crack or leak.

A drain pan is usually an inexpensive component of a mini split, but you will need the help of an AC technician to replace the drain pan.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters sit on top of the condenser coils of the mini-split. They protect the condenser from collecting dust and keep the functioning of the AC at its best. Therefore, they must be cleaned regularly.

If the cleaning of air filters is ignored, they will get dirty and soon the coils will collect dust as well. Condenser coils are responsible for keeping the airflow of the AC. When they get dirty, the airflow will reduce and the coils will freeze.

You won’t need to warm them back because they will become warm again but during this process, the melted ice will drip down the air conditioner.

Ignoring air filter cleaning can cause water leakage in your AC so make sure you clean the air filters regularly and replace them when required.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Similar to dirty air filters, low refrigerant can also freeze up the condenser coils. When the condenser coils are warmed by AC and melted frost leaks out of the AC.

If it’s a refrigerant issue, you need an expert to find out the cause of the problem. A low level of refrigerant can be due to the non-maintenance of the AC. In this case, filling up the refrigerant will be the only needed action.

However, the cause could also be leaks in the AC due to improper fitting, a faulty valve, or an issue with the evaporator coil.

You should look for the signs of a low refrigerant level in your mini split:

  • Your AC is taking longer to cool down the room than before.
  • You’re seeing a rise in energy bills.
  • The AC is not blowing cool air and the air coming out of the air handler is warm at best.
  • You can hear unusual loud noises coming from the air conditioning unit.


There are different reasons for the air handler leaking water. Consult air conditioning repair services Huntington which will inspect your AC and perform the repairs or replacements to fix the problem.

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