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Never Do These 8 Things When Cutting Down A Tree

Never Do These 8 Things When Cutting Down A Tree

The process of removing a tree involves using sharp tools like a chainsaw and managing the fall of a heavy tree which can damage your property or hurt someone if the person cutting down the tree is not careful. The easiest way to avoid accidents is by hiring tree cutting services. If you want to proceed with felling yourself, never do these things.

Working Alone

This is a common and huge mistake made by DIYers. Trees are large and you can’t watch out for a sudden fall of the tree when you’re focusing on making wedges using a chainsaw.

You need another person to stand a few feet away and attentively keep eyes on the tree. If the tree is showing signs of falling down, he/she should tap your back with a long stick.

Ignoring Safety Gear

Tree felling is a dangerous job and it requires safety measures as well as safety gear to avoid accidents. You should have this essential tree cutting safety gear:

  • Helmet with a face screen and ear protection to keep your face, ears, and eyes safe.
  • Cut-resistant boots for feet protection.
  • Long-sleeved shirt and special gloves for preventing scratches on the arms and cuts on the hands.
  • Chainsaw chaps and pants.
  • Climbing and rigging tools to avoid falls.
  • First aid kit.

Using A Chainsaw That Should Be Retired

Chainsaw is the primary tool used for cutting down a tree. Even when a tree is dead, cutting it with a chainsaw requires a powerful chainsaw.

If someone is using a chainsaw that is beyond repair and should not be used for tree cutting jobs, it will not only slow down the felling process but can cause damage to the person using it or the people around it.

Leaning The Ladder Against A Tree

Ladders are used to reach the higher branches of a tree. If you’re cutting down tree branches as a step to later fell the tree, leaning a ladder on a tree can lead to accidents. When trimming branches, any fallen branch on the ladder can hurt the person standing on the ladder.

Moreover, if a branch is heavy, it can make the ladder fall with the person standing on it. Imagine if the person has a switched-on chainsaw. The result can be horrible.

Using Chainsaw With One Hand

A chainsaw allows for easier tree removal, but it’s a dangerous tool and you must be cautious when using it. Some people make the mistake of taking one hand off the chainsaw while it’s cutting a tree or its branches. This weakens the grip of the person on the chainsaw.

If the chainsaw kicks back at the person or there is a jerk, the second hand won’t be on the grip to stabilities the chainsaw and it can hurt the person using it. Learn how to use a chainsaw safely and follow the instructions.

Forgetting To Fill Up The Chainsaw

Before starting the process of tree removal, your preparation should be complete and there shouldn’t be anything for which you have to stop the job midway. Therefore, make sure the chainsaw is filled up with oil or gas enough to complete the job without pauses.

Cutting Down A Rotten Tree Without A Tree Professional

Rotten trees are difficult to cut down because they can have loose limbs which can fall on the person cutting them. Moreover, if the trunk of the tree is rotten, cutting it requires an expert because, with some stress from the chainsaw or with a small cut, it can fall in an unexpected direction causing damage to your home or property. It can also injure someone.

Therefore, if the tree is rotten or dead, let a tree removal expert cut it down safely.

Ignoring To Recheck Chain Tension

The chain of the chainsaw is should be tightly attached. If the chain is loose, it can break during the functioning of the chainsaw causing serious damage to anyone using it or around it.

New chains stretch with use, you should recheck them every 20 minutes while a normal chain should be rechecked every hour.


The tree removal process can be made safer by avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above. However, if the tree is damaged by a storm, diseased, hollow, or rotten, avoid cutting it down yourself and use tree removal services Kensington to perform the job.

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