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How To Remove A Birch Tree?

How To Remove A Birch Tree?

Birch trees are one of the most popular types out there that are known to spread like wildfire. Under suitable conditions, they can grow twice as fast and could be difficult to control. However, the downside is that your backyard or front yard may become crowded to the point where it affects the other plantations too. Plus, birch tree pollen is another problem as well. And if the tree is old or diseased, you must be calling an emergency tree service for help. Therefore, if you are looking to remove your birch tree, here is a guide that will help you with everything.

Cutting Down The Tree

The first method of removing a birch tree requires cutting it down. To begin with, you need to wear safety gear to protect the exposed parts of your body. Then, remove the branches to make the overall task easier and safer. Use a chainsaw to cut the trunk. Keep the chainsaw as close to the ground as you safely can. Make sure that you have properly control the machine and keep it stable. At the same time, make a plan of where the tree will fall and have an escape plan.

You should bear in mind that removing trees is an unpredictable process. Trees can fall in any direction regardless of the time you put into planning.

This means you must have a safe exit as well. Plus, if the tree happens to be big, you should inform the neighbors and remove anything that might be threatened during the process. If possible, try asking a friend or a family member for help. This way, you will be able to keep an eye on the tree as it falls.

Using Basal Spray

The next method of removing a birch tree is using basal spray. This method involves using a herbicide that is designed for woody plants. If you are not sure about which one to choose, ask an arborist or a tree removal expert. Wear protective gloves as herbicides are poisonous and you do not want to accidentally consume them via your hands.

Follow the instructions printed on the product and prepare the mixture. Then, using a spray, apply the mixture evenly to the lower back area that is the most moisture-absorbent. If the size of the tree is big, you might have to repeat the process multiple times.

Keep in mind that killing and removing a tree using basal spray might take a few days to months. And, once you are done using the herbicide, dispose of it properly.

Girdling Or Ring Barking

The girdling or ring barking method involves using a saw or ax. Take a saw or an ax and make a cut on the bark of the birch tree. The cut should be one to two inches wide and should have the same amount of depth as it’s width. While cutting, make sure it forms a complete circle.

Keep your aim at the bark of the tree as this is the area that carries nutrients within the tree. Work until you can remove the bark and cambium layer. Once that layer is gone, the tree can’t receive nutrients and will die out.

The Best Time To Remove A Birch Tree

Although most birch trees can be killed and removed at any point during the year, most experts argue the best time to do so is when the tree is in its active growing phase. Furthermore, the best time also depends on the killing method you choose to opt for.

If you decide to cut down the tree, experts suggest you should do it in the late fall or early spring. However, if you choose to use a spray to kill the tree, the best period for it is during the active growth spurt of the tree.

This is the time between late spring to early summer when the tree’s growth process is in full swing with growing leaves. Since the tree is absorbing nutrients at a fast pace during this time, it is going to be most receptive to the herbicides as well.

Finally, if you want to kill and remove the tree using a chemical injection, you can do it any time of the year without being picky. However, make sure the tree is not leaning to either side. If it is, it would be better to consult an expert to remove it safely.

When To Hire An Expert For Cutting Down A Birch Tree?

Seeking advice from a professional regardless of you knowing the process is a wise decision. Generally, tree cutting services Chevy Chase should be involved if the trees are too big and the outcome is uncertain. As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to decide or be exact about where the tree will fall especially when it’s large.

Moreover, having professionals work on the tree will also help get rid of the remnants. Killing the tree is one thing but removing it is another. There is a huge risk involved and the properties in your surroundings might get damaged as well.

When To Prune Birch Trees?

One way of ensuring that birch trees never reach a point where they need to be killed or removed is ensuring proper pruning. In most cases, the experts tend to prune trees just before reaching dormancy but that is not the case when it comes to birch trees.

The best time to prune birch trees is late summer or early autumn. It’s because if you prune them in winter, they may bleed a heavy flow of sap. When you prune birch trees at the right time, you not only avoid the heavy sap flow but also the egg-laying session of insects that infest wounds. These insects can create a serious problem by spreading diseases and infections.

How To Care For A Birch Tree?

Birch trees are beautiful species and can be less problematic if you pay attention to them in terms of care and maintenance. For instance, the birch tree should be watered regularly during the hot and dry weather season to keep it healthy and strong. Birch trees are highly nutrient absorbent, meaning they rely heavily on nutrients to grow.

But, if that is not the case, the tree will turn weak and the leaves will begin to fall. Moreover, instead of shallow watering more often, you should water it once or twice a week to make it more drought-tolerant.

In addition to that, you will also need to mulch and manage pest and disease control. Mulching helps regulate the temperature of the soil. Moreover, it will reduce the evaporation of water from the soil. But make sure that you do not over-mulch the area as too much water will take time to absorb and might also lead to rotting.

Although birch trees are resistant to pests and diseases, you must not ignore them completely and inspect them for problems. This is because the infections can spread to other plants. It might also be that the diseases are transferred from other infected plants in the area. So, if you observe any unusual signs or symptoms, make sure to act immediately.


There are various methods of removing a birch tree. Choose the best method based on your skills and knowledge. Plus, do look out for the signs of tree removal as well. Lastly, if the tree happens to be too big for you to handle, consult tree removal companies Kensington.

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