Sun Damage and a Pair of Sunglasses!

Sun Damage and a Pair of Sunglasses!

Just as it is recommended not to overexpose your skin to the sun or do not move out of your home without sunscreen. The same is with a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses too have their place in our life. Rather than an important precaution, it has become an exaggerated symbol of status and style.

If you’re skiing or surfing in water sunglasses can help protect your eyes. But what about everyday heat and light our eyes are exposed to? Having said that, it is obvious that too much of sunlight can actually damage your eye area and may even cause a cataract.

Sun and the Eye Damage

Just like the harm caused to your skin by the sun you eyes are even susceptible to damage from sun. The eyes have thin skin around which is the most sensitive art of the body. The UV rays make it particularly damaged and may even cause you age spots and wrinkling.

The white part of your eyes is damaged by sun causing conjunctiva which is a thin covering around your sun to thicken. This thickening causes inflammation and as a result, the eyes become irritated. Exposure to the UV light may cause the retina to deteriorate. This leads to macular degeneration which is a common cause for blindness. Yu iris, lens and even cornea get damaged by overexposure to sunlight.

The Ultraviolet Rays may cause the lens to develop certain type of cataracts which interferes with the vision of your eyes.

How to Look For a Perfect Pair?

You may not necessarily find the maximum protection under the high price tags. They provide you with more of style function than protection. Here are a few quick tips that may help you decide better before entering into a sunglass store.

  • Do not look for sunglasses that say ‘blocks UV’; instead, buy a pair that says 99-100% UV protection.
  • Do not rely upon the dark color of the lens as a UV protection as even a clean shade of lens can provide you enough UV protection.
  • A pair of polarized sunglasses reduces glare but not the UV rays.
  • A-frame that is large and is wraparound will provide more protection than small styles of frames and glasses.

These are a few things that may help you choose from a UV-blocking sunglass over price and style factor or go to a sunglasses store that can give you the option to select as per your requirement.

Sunglasses Store: 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Sunglasses

Originating in China in the 1700s, sunglasses have been with us for over 200 years. When they were being designed (in china) they were aimed at disguising people’s eyes and thoughts. Nowadays the eyepieces are used for two main reasons: style and eye protection.

While the glasses have been with us for a long, many people still make mistakes when buying them. Here are sunglasses buying mistakes you should never make:

Going for the most expensive

Chances are that when you walk into a sunglasses store you think that the most expensive glasses are the best, right? You are dead wrong. There are many cheap sunglasses that give great experiences.

When you buy an expensive sunglasses, most of the time you will be paying for the name—not the quality. When making the purchase, one of the main features that you should look out for is the ability of the sunglass to provide you with enough protection against the harmful UV rays.

If you are trendy and fashionable and would like designer sunglasses, you are free to buy them, but you should expect to dig dipper into your pocket as you have to pay for the brand.

Ignoring lens features

Many consumers aren’t sure of the sunglass lens that they should go for. Many don’t know whether to go for polarized or tinted lenses. Tinted lenses don’t cut the glare from the sun and other surfaces, and always fade with time, but they protect you from UV rays.

Polarized lenses on the other hand protect you from the glare that you come across with driving, walking or swimming. Their main flaw is that they don’t protect you from UV rays.

If you spend long hours in the sun, go for polarized sunglasses with a UV protection.

Not caring about your face shape

Just because your friend looks great in particular sunglasses doesn’t mean that you will look the same. Different sunglasses look different in different people. Before making the purchase, take your time to understand your face shape and the sunglasses that will look great on you. If you have a round face, go for cat-eye or wayfarer sunglasses.

There are many resources online that will help you know the right sunglasses for your face:


Getting fashionable sunglasses is all about knowing what is right for you. When buying the units ensure that you buy from a well-known, reputable store

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