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7 Walkway Ideas And Materials You Should Try

7 Walkway Ideas And Materials You Should Try

Walkways as the term suggests are small routes or patches that connect to the main entrance of the house while keeping your beautiful plants and other plantations safe. Walkways are also installed in backyard for the same purpose as well. Without them, you can not only trample your plants but also take the dirt and dust inside the house. Luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to front yard or backyard walkway ideas but it can be slightly confusing too at the same time. So, before you go to a patio builder, let’s know how you can come up with the perfect walkway that has everyone drooling.


Gravel is a great option for a backyard walkway. Mostly known for its affordable price, gravel is no longer a popular choice just for driveways but also for backyard walkways. You might have seen quite a lot of homes opting for gravel as it adds a natural touch to the property.

If well put together, gravel can be low maintenance and also helps the walkway appear more clean and sophisticated. Similar to bricks, gravel is also available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also combine a brick or stone walkway with gravel to come up with a luxurious-looking walkway.

However, keep in mind that you will need to contain or limit the gravel. It is easy for these tiny pieces to stick to the shoes and get carried inside. Therefore, build a small barrier to prevent shoes from stepping on them and protecting the interior of the house from unnecessary dirt and dust.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones have always added charm to the house. May it be a walkway or any other idea, stepping stones always make it interesting and slightly fun to walk. The best thing about stepping stones is that they blend in with nature. If you are someone who loves to have greenery in their house, stepping stones are going to be the best option.

Then again, you get to choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes that help the stones camouflage with the surroundings. In the case of stepping stones, you will need to ensure they are of the perfect size for people to walk on them safely without tripping.

On the maintenance side, these require scrubbing and pressure washing once a month or so to keep them looking as good as new. Other than that, you will not be needing a replacement or repair anytime soon.


There was a time when patterns were only reserved for interior design. Today, they are being used for walkways and even driveways for that matter. Building a patterned backyard walkway adds a modern twist to their landscape. In addition to that, pattern walkways hardly ever fail to gain attention.

Similar to the previous ideas, patterns are also available in multiple colors, sizes, designs, etc. The only thing about patterns is the upkeep. If you are someone who works on a busy schedule and does not have the time to look after the house, the pattern walkway will slowly lose its grace.

This means, your pattern walkway is going to need attention. If you can afford it, hire an expert and get the walkway thoroughly cleaned.

Brick Walkways

Brick has remained a popular choice of homeowners in terms of landscaping ideas. The best thing about using brick is you can play around with a lot of ideas since there is a huge variety of colors and patterns available. Not only can brick be used for backyard walkways but patios etc.

People looking for a classic rustic design do not have to look beyond bricks as the trend has not slowed down all these years. When it comes to choosing the color, designs, and patterns, it’s all about personal preference. As you can make a variety of combinations, your backyard walkway is sure to become a sight to the sore eyes.

Another advantage of building a brick walkway is you do not need regular maintenance. Such walkways are reliable and worth the money. All you need to do is thoroughly clean the area using a pressure wash every once a month to keep it looking new.

Brick is cost-effective so you may even consider a brick retaining wall for your backyard. Get in touch with a retaining wall builder Long Island to know how to go plan things out.

Wood Walkways

Wood walkways are a popular option but when it comes to walkways, things could become slightly expensive. There is nothing more classy than having some woodwork in and outside your house. However, the maintenance and labor costs can be high.

Furthermore, wood offers charm, warmth, and an overall coziness that is hard to match with other materials. On the flip side, wood is not able to hold on much longer especially if the weather conditions are extreme.

Dirt, dust, snow, moisture, etc. tend to be the biggest enemies of wood and will make it crack and lose its finish in no time. Additionally, for a wood walkway, you might also need to get the foundation fixed first. Unlike stones and other heavy materials, wood does not remain stable if installed directly into the ground.

You might have to get a metal frame built or installed on which the wooden walkway will be built.

Tile Walkways

Tiles are one of the most popular options regardless of where they are installed. From the bathroom to the walkways in the backyards, tiles are versatile and can do wonders. Back in the day, people were accustomed to smaller tiles. Today, the trend of bigger tiles is in.

When it comes to walkways or patios, opting for bigger tiles is the best option as it lends practicality and a sleek look to the entire area. When it is time to pick the best option, you are bound to become confused. Although it is all about personal preference, selecting the wrong colors can break the deal.

As a general rule of thumb, you need to consider the theme of your house so that the walkways do not look incompatible. Having a sea of colors and designs of tiles for outdoor spaces is great but can easily land you in trouble as well.

Walkways With Steps

Walkways with steps are supposed to add structure to your backyard especially if the property has multiple levels. This is a great option for those who have a sufficient amount of space in their backyard as steps will only look good if they are wider.

For instance, if you have an outdoor kitchen, you can opt for steps that lead to the kitchen area. Although you have a variety to pick from, keep in mind that adding steps is going to cost you in terms of labor and material. The good thing about walkways with steps is that you can never go wrong.

While others will have a traditional-looking backyard walkway, yours is surely going to stand out.


There are a lot of other backyard walkway ideas but the ones mentioned above are relatively easy to work with. Additionally, most of them do not require much maintenance and aren’t heavy on the pocket as well. However, you need to make sure your walkway blends with the property and does not look like it has been forced. Consult a walkway and patio contractor Long Island to make your investment worth it.

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