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Is Limestone Good For A Countertop?

Is Limestone Good For A Countertop?

Natural stones are commonly used as kitchen countertop materials. People love the rustic appearance of these stones and they are also quite durable. Here is everything you need to know about limestone and whether or not it is a good choice for next countertop replacement.

It Is Durable

One of the biggest advantages of limestone is that it is a strong and durable material. Considering the price you’re paying for it, which is quite reasonable in the first place, it performs quite well. You won’t see random cracks and chipped edges on limestone countertops and if you take care of them properly, these countertops will last you for years to come.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Limestone is also a very versatile material. It is not only perfect for use in the kitchen, but it can be used in bathrooms and any other place, where you want countertops, as well. Limestone is a very popular material, used for making bathroom fixtures. It is used in making sinks, bathtubs, and even countertops.

To ensure maximum protection against water, sealing can also be done and that pretty much seals the deal, literally. Your countertops won’t get damaged and you can use them for anything, without having to worry about water ruining the material.

Reacts Violently To Acid

While limestone won’t get damaged by water if you seal it, there might be other things that can ruin the material. One of the main culprits is acid. An acid reacts violently with the calcium carbonate present in the limestone. This causes the production of carbon dioxide gas and this causes the fizzing reaction to occur.

This reaction of calcium carbonate and acid can ruin the countertops, by reducing the material to nothing. This is why it is advised to not use harmful chemical cleaners for limestone countertops. The cleaners you use have to be neutral and with a balanced pH.

It Can Scratch Easily

Limestone is indeed a hard material, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t get scratched from time to time. Limestone is prone to scratches and sharp things like knives and nails can actually embed deep scratches in the surface of the countertop.

Getting these scratches fixed is a huge ordeal because the hardness of this stone acts as a barrier which doesn’t allow for easy repair. Repairing the countertops to achieve their smooth surface again can cost you a lot of money. If anything, you should be careful when dealing with sharp things on this countertop.

It’s best to use a cutting board if you cut things like fruits, veggies, and meat on the countertop. It will not only be more sanitary, but it will also save your countertops from getting weird scratches.

It Needs To Be Sealed

We know that natural stones are sponges for any liquid and limestone is no exception. Limestone may look dense on the outside, but there are a lot of microscopic holes in the slab, which can store water and other liquids. This characteristic makes the stone porous in nature and if you want to use it anywhere near water or moisture, then it’s best to have it sealed.

A sealant is a thick and clear liquid, which goes inside the stone and fills up all of the gaps, making it impossible for water to seep through. This is a great thing to do if you want your countertops to last a long time, but it is still an extra thing that you need to do.

This is also something you might want to do regularly, approximately about once or twice a year, depending on how much wear and tear the surface of the countertop goes through on a daily basis.

Available In Neutral Colors

One of the great things about limestone is that it is available in a variety of warm and neutral colors. These colors can do wonders for your kitchen or even the bathroom. The warmth of the neutral colors gives the whole space a warm and welcoming feel and neutral colors also don’t need to be matched with any other color, because they have a tendency to go with any and every hue and tone. For added depth, you can place an area rug in your kitchen.

Warm colors also look classic and timeless and you don’t need to fuss around with trends, because this color range will never go out of style. Some colors in which limestone is available are light brown, beige, white, dirty white, dark brown, and more.

The Stone Is Beautiful

Natural stones are beautiful, but there is just something about limestone which hits differently. The colors are warm and cozy, which makes it perfect if you’re going for a rustic and comfortable vibe. The grainy pattern on the surface of limestone is also pretty and it is something reminiscent of granite kitchen countertops Durham NC.

There can be veining on limestone as well, but mostly, it is known for its geometric and abstract pattern. The appearance of this stone is truly magnificent and it is something that will always stand out in your kitchen.

It Is Reasonably Priced

You would think that limestone, being a natural and durable stone, might be super expensive, but it is actually the contrary. Limestone is one of the few natural stones which are extremely reasonably priced. You don’t need to put a dent in your wallet to get this material and it is really a huge plus because not a lot of people want to spend that much money on kitchen countertops.

Well, now you have a very reasonable option and you can get good quality countertops, with added strength and durability, without breaking the bank.

It Is Resistant To Heat

Another great feature of most natural stones, limestone included, is that they are quite resistant to heat. There is something about the composition and the heat capacity of limestone which doesn’t leave any weird black stains on its surface, even after you have placed a hot pan on the countertop.

You can deal with hot things on this countertop easily, without having to worry about damage or pesky stains. This is a great thing because you don’t need any preparation beforehand. You can directly set heated things and food on the countertop, without having to put a cutting board or trivet on it first.

It Needs To Be Maintained More

Limestone is a maintenance-heavy material. Like granite and marble, you want to give time for its maintenance, otherwise, it will get damaged and you will be left with ugly-looking countertops. These countertops are robust and strong, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain them. They need to be sealed every now and again.

Their cleaning is a must, especially since the colors are light; dirt will show on these countertops. Once a year or so, you will have to polish and sand the countertops down as well.


There you have it! Limestone has been becoming a more and more popular material over the last couple of years. Keeping these things in mind, you can decide if you want to go for this material or stick to other choices. Check out different countertop materials by getting in touch with granite countertop installers Raleigh NC.

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