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Why You Should Use A Water Softener?

Why You Should Use A Water Softener?

Tap water isn’t safe for drinking, because it may contain a lot of impurities, which could mess up the properties of water. This is why a water softener is a great tool to purify water. Here are some reasons why you need a water softener installation in your home or office.

What Does A Water Softener Do?

A water softener works on the mechanism of removing the salts of water, which makes it hard. Hard water has an excess of calcium and magnesium in it, which can lead to it not producing lather properly and it can also stain the clothes and dishes when you use this type of water with anything. Too much calcium and magnesium in the water can also be deteriorating your health.

A water softener works on the process of ion exchange. It takes the heavy calcium and magnesium ions and replaces them with either sodium or other neutral ions. A water softener can increase the sodium content in water, but it’s not to the point where you can’t drink it, but it will taste a bit salty.

It is great for purifying and softening large volumes of water, which makes it a perfect fit for your home, especially if there’s a continuity of hard water coming through your taps and faucets.

What Makes A Water Softener Worth Your Investment?

Here are some reasons why you need a water softener in your home.

Saves Detergent And Soap

You already know that hard water doesn’t produce a lot of lather and foam and lush lather is necessary for cleaning dishes and washing clothes properly, in order to get rid of stains. If you use hard water regularly, you would see that no matter how much detergent or soap you use, there won’t be any lather in the water.

A water softener will ensure that you don’t waste any detergent and soap and clean your dishes and clothes effectively.

It Is Cost Effective

Hard water can lead to scale formation and precipitate build-up in the pipes and this can lead to you changing your pipes frequently. This can add up in the long run and one way to reduce this cost and have soft water coming through the pipes is to get a water softener installed.

It is an expensive installation, but it is well worth it because your pipes won’t be clogged and there won’t be damage to the drains either. Hard water can damage the pipes and also corrode them, which could lead to a mountain of problems.

Prevents Clothes From Getting Damaged

Hard water is quite harsh on the delicate fabric of clothes. The calcium and magnesium can damage the fibers of the clothes and it can lead to the production of weird yellow stains on the clothes as well. Calcium and magnesium are not present in the water in soluble form, which is why it’s easy for these elements to latch onto clothes and ruin them, ultimately.

A water softener will be a lifesaver for you because you can wash just about any type of clothes with softened water and there won’t be any stains or damage to the fibers.

Doesn’t Break The Water Heater

If you know anything about a water heater, then it needs to be filled with soft and filtered water, otherwise, it won’t work and its efficiency will be affected. A water softener removes all of the ions from the water which could be responsible for clogging the water heater.

There are a lot of parts in the water heater, which could get damaged by the calcium and magnesium ions and the whole mechanism can break down and not work properly. This is why you need a water softener if you want to use a water heater in your house.

Prevents Clogging Of The Taps

Hard water can damage the metal tap fixtures as well. When hard water passes through the narrow pipework of the taps, the ions can make a thin layer and settle on the walls of the pipes. This causes restriction in the movement of water and it can lead to clogging of the taps. To fix this, you might have to remove the taps and clean out the inner walls.

This can be prevented by installing a water filtration system Erie. It is going to make the water soft and free from all kinds of larger ions which could get clogged in the walls of the tap.

Improves Your Skin And Health

Hard water isn’t good for your skin and health in general. Calcium and magnesium can be very bad for your skin and it can lead to dryness and irritation. With a water softener, you can get soft water, which won’t irritate your skin. As far as your health is concerned, drinking hard water isn’t as bad for you, but over time, you can develop stomach issues and ulcers.

It’s better not to drink hard water unless you really need to. It’s best to drink soft and purified water because it’s better for your health and your skin.

Better For Your Hair

Your hair can be affected by the type of water you wash it with. Using hard water can be extremely bad for your hair because it will strip the hair of its moisture and make it look extremely dry and brittle. It is also not good for colored hair because calcium and magnesium can actually make the color of your hair look faded.

Shower filters are not enough to remove these impurities from water, so it’s best to use a water softener to give you pure water, which will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and looking healthier.

Food Tastes Better

Water is used in a lot of cooking recipes and you also boil things in it, like eggs, pasta, and other food items. Hard water will leave your food tasting weird and it will alter the taste of the things you boil in it. It’s better to use clean and soft water for making food and other edible things.

Your food will taste a lot better and there will be a world of difference in the quality as well. Food should be palatable and with purified water, it can be made a lot better, in taste as well as appearance.

Appliances Will Last Longer

Things like coffee machines and water filter jugs need to have pure and soft water in them, in order to work perfectly. You can’t use hard water in electric kettles and coffee machines, because the precipitates will break the machine down and it won’t work as efficiently.

A water softener will be your savior in this regard. Hard water will only make you replace or repair your appliances on a regular basis, whereas a water softener will prevent these issues from occurring often. So, if you have hard water coming through your taps, then consider getting a softener.


A water softener is a great thing to invest in and it will purify your water in large volumes so that you can have pure and soft water on demand. Make sure to select the right type of water softener system Meadville that matches your needs.

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